Now offering group classes on breastfeeding, weaning and more at Life Gate Holistic Living Center (66 Boston Rd, Groton, MA)

Concerns about milk supply? This hour-long workshop will provide you with information on increasing milk supply through various methods and options. Parents will learn how milk supply functions, how to determine if they actually have low milk supply, and options available for increasing supply.

1 hour/$40

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends starting solids at 6 months of age, but how do you know if your baby is really ready for solids? In this hour-long workshop, parents will learn about the science behind the AAP recommendation, the signs that their baby is ready for solids, and the best foods to start with when offering foods. Options for types of baby foods will also be discussed.

1 hour/$40

Whatever your reasons for weaning your baby, support is often needed. In this hour long workshop, parents will learn the options available for weaning and how to wean your child gently while continuing to address their nutritional and emotional needs.

1 hour/$40

In this class, parents will learn this therapeutic method of TummyTime!™, which will help your baby with tummy function, promote original head shape, encourage movement and developmental progression, and optimizes tongue and oral function. Classes are once a week for 45 minutes and are sold in packages of four sessions.

4 class package/$90

Returning to work? Questions about pumping for baby? In this hour long workshop, parents will learn how to pump and store their milk, how to best transition back to work, and the laws that exist that support their right to pump at work.

1 hr/$40

Breastfeeding offers many benefits for you and your baby. In this prenatal breastfeeding class, you will everything you need to feel confident in your breastfeeding journey, including: how to get breastfeeding off to the best start; strategies for latching and positioning; best ways to support milk supply; how to troubleshoot basic breastfeeding challenges; and breastfeeding lifestyle. Feel prepared in this fun, easy going class. 


2 hr/$60 per couple

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